24-year old island girl with a severe fashion obsession and a lack of people to share it with! Currently living on Tresco in the Isles of Scilly, a small group of islands 28 miles off the southwest coast of Cornwall. Studied Law at Warwick Uni for 3 years but unsure of what I want to do next, so have moved back to my family home and am working in my local, saving some funds for a travelling adventure in October 2013. 

Most likely to be found messing about in boats, sunning myself on the beach, getting up to mischief with pals, or planning my next shopping trip to the mainland (sadly Scilly is nearly clothes-shops-free). I've blogged before over at FashPash and Just Another Fashion Blog, but this time I'm hoping to share a bit more of my life with you than just my wardrobe!

Welcome to My World.

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