Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mainland Times

Enjoyed a last minute venture across the sea to the mainland a couple of weekends ago and managed to squeeze in plenty of mainland activities. In theory the justification for the trip was getting in a bit of driving practice as I haven't been in a car since passing my test in Jan (no cars on my tiny island!), but in reality my main motivation was getting my summer wardrobe sorted, and that I did!

I had a cheeky night in London too catching up with some uni buddies and of course a mandatory when-in-London Oxford St shop, complete with my first visit to Meat Liqueur - wow those burgers can banish all manner of hangovers! 

I then spent a couple of days driving in Cornwall with my dad, who himself spent a couple of days wincing and fearing for his life. It didn't actually go too badly and we managed to return the hire car all in one piece so surely that counts as a win. Here's a few snaps from the trip:

Me in my boat-coat ready for the ferry across

On the ferry

London catch-ups

Pimms o'clock

More catch-ups complete with boozing and dancing

Casual summary of my life displayed in New Look on Oxford St!

Me and my ride (well, for a couple of days anyway!)

Genuinely incredible dinner at The Bakehouse in Penzance

Just chillin in the sun on the ferry home

Bought a few new clothes...

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