Monday, 23 September 2013

Baby's coming back's been a while! What can I say, the summers over here are hectic so I'm a bit of a fair-weather (or bad weather!) blogger. But I'm back with very good intentions, which will probably last for about a week!

These pics are from yesterday. One of the best things about Scilly autumn/winters is more free time to explore! Even though I was born here I never get bored of the endless beautiful views and I think Tresco in particular has an amazing contrast in scenery, all within its tiny 2 by 1 mile area. Yesterday Cam and I decided to trek up to the north end of the island where there are a couple of ruined castles and a few too many hills for two girls who've spent a long summer eating out and drinking cocktails! I guess the winter workout has to start somewhere...

The best of a truly abysmal series of self-timer shots

Our walk was followed by a beer at the pub and then chicken casserole at home - perfect Sunday or what?! After yesterday I think I'm more than ready to embrace the winter.

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