Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Sunday Wander

I love a bonus good-weather-day at this time of year. In my mind as soon as October hits it's winter, and I'm more than ready to hibernate as the rain lashes against the bedroom window. Even moreso this year as the boy has just pulled an absolute blinder and surprised me with a nostalgia-inducing present - a pink Gameboy and Pokemon game. Geeky right? But very much appreciated, especially seeing as we're heading over to the mainland soon which means lots of long coach journeys, and god forbid we'll have to talk to each other ;)

Anyway a couple of Sundays back we had a bit of sunshine so took a stroll down to one of the many beautiful beaches over here and took a few snaps.


  1. I actually had a pink gameboy back in the day....jell!!

    Lolz at having to talk to each other :)

    Lovely pics...hope you're good!

    1. Hola chica! Long time no speak - are you still WIWTing? Trying to get back into blogging after the standard summer lull...

      Loving the Gameboy - feel so retro! thanks for dropping by xxx

  2. you look so cute! adore the jumper x