Thursday, 10 October 2013


Yesterday I had a cheeky midweek day off with the boy - it was such a treat as we usually only have Sundays off, which is great but too tempting to be lazy (who wants to do anything on a Sunday?!). We took the chance to venture across to St. Mary's (the biggest island - they even have cars there!!)for a few errands. I don't often venture off Tresco on days off just because I'm always keen to have a super-chilled day but it was actually really nice. 

We got the boat across at 10ish, there are boats every day during the summer to Bryher (our next door island)and St. Mary's which is the main island. There are also trips to St. Martin's and St. Agnes, the other two inhabited islands, on alternate days. Each island offers something different but there's the most going on on St. Mary's, with quite a few shops and more than one pub (result!)

We began our day with a smoothie and a bacon sandwich for him, before running a few errands and finding time to take a couple of quick outfit snaps! I wore my fave coral knit, I love it because it's simple but eye-catching, and teamed it with acid wash jeans. I decided to wear these leopard print ankle boots, we're taking a trip to the mainland soon and I'm keen to take a pair of heeled ankle boots with me, either these or a plain black Toppers pair I bought last winter. Tresco isn't really an ideal place for wearing heels - there are concrete roads but also lots of non-proper roads and also the standard island attire is a lot more casual, with wellie boots being more acceptable than anything with a heel! 

Anyway I wanted to trial these leopard print beauties to see whether they were gonna give me sore feet or not...and to be honest they did a little bit! Which is a shame as I do really love them...but I think taking the black, slightly comfier pair away might be wiser.

After a bit of posing we treated ourselves to a pub lunch - I had a chicken burger which was pretty tasty...healthy eating starts Monday!

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